"50 Foot plunge ahead!"

-Sign at the entrance of the queue at MK

"Time to be turnin' around... if only you could!"

-Splash Mountain vultures

Splash MountainEdit

Splash Mountain is a Song of the South-themed log flume ride at Disneyland park, Magic Kingdom, and Tokyo Disneyland. It features dark ride scenes and at the end, a 52 foot drop right into the Briar Patch!


The ride tells the stroy about Br'er Rabbit and his journey to the laughin' place. Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear try to catch him, but he escapes. After that, he finds out that it's better to stay at his home (the Briar Patch).


The Disneyland version of the ride was made to bring more people to the often empty Bear country (now Critter Country). And to use animatronics from America sings (which was also receiving a bad attendence). They came up with a log flume ride themed to Song of the South. It went way over budget, but became an instant hit and got cloned over to the Magic Kingdom and later to Tokyo Disneyland.

Magic kingdom versionEdit

The Magic Kingdom is more western themed, because in this park, Splash Mountain is in Frontierland, but the ride remains mostly the same.

Tokyo Disneyland versionEdit

This version is a mirror of the other versions and is more grassy than the others, it's in Critter Country, but uses the WDW music, it also doesn't have the house/watermill structure on the second lifthill.